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Housing Application Form

Before you apply for a house please read the information below.
* We are a small association with very few houses*
* Our houses are in high demand and do not become available to let very often*
* The majority of our houses (87%) are tenements*
*On average, we allote around 20 houses each year - mainly tenements* 
*We might not be able to provide what you want*
* We have very few large houses that are suitable for large families*
*We do not hold a housing list for 5 or 6 apartment houses (i.e. 4 or 5 bedrooms)*
If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless please go to 'Allocations' and see 'Help and Advice'.











Total %
Houses 0 0 5 4 2 11 3
Tenement 55 133 62 2 0 253 87
4 in a block 2 20 0 0 0 22 8
Other 0 7 0 0 0 7 2
Total 57 160 67 6 2 292 100
% 19 55 23 2 1 100
How will my application be dealt with? An allocation policy and a points system are used to work out who has priority. We look at things like overcrowding, homelessness and medical needs. 
We will tell you what your points total and your position on our list is. We will ask you to confirm that you want to be on our list and to confirm your choices. 
You can ask for a copy of the full Allocation Policy.
We will normally process your application within 20 working days. However, this will take longer during the COVID 19 pandemic disruption.

What position will I be on the housing list? It depends on your circumstances and the circumstances of the other people applying for a house. You do not start at the bottom of the list. Your position will be determined by your circumstances when you apply. But, remember, just as you can join the list and go above those already on it, other applicants can join the list after you and be placed at a higher level than you.  

When will I get a house? It depends on your position on the housing list; on what you want; on what you need and on how often houses become available to let.
It is possible that we might not be able to provide what you want. 
What checks will be made? We will check the information you give us to make sue that it is accurate. A Housing Services Officer will also visit to make sure that information provided is true and complete before an offer would be made. We want to understand what type of house you need and want and we will answer any questions you have about Blochairn. We can talk about what the Association provides as a landlord and what is expected of you as a tenant.

Privacy Policy

Information on how we handle and use your personal information that you provide to us is included within our privacy policy.