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Covid-19: Update following the Scottish Government announcement on 30 July 2020

Covid-19: Update following the Scottish Government announcement on 30 July 2020.


 Scottish Government

o   Please follow the guidance and advice issued by the Scottish Government. See


o   You can also check the NHS Inform web site at

o   The Scottish Government Routemap on how lockdown restrictions will be eased is at See page 6 for the chart.


Office Services

o   Our office will not open to the public before 11 September 2020

o   Our staff have been working throughout lockdown, communicating by telephone and email, with 2 people in the office each day. We have not been working at full staff capacity for more than 4 months

o   We cannot deal with situations or respond as quickly as we normally would. There may be some issues that we cannot deal with until after lockdown is lifted and we return to normal operations

o   Only essential home visits will be carried out, using appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and with social distancing

o   If you see our staff out of the office they are carrying out essential visits or other essential duties. Please do not ask them to engage in discussion with you. Please keep a safe distance (2 metres) from them. This is to protect them and you

o   Please do not come to the office staff entrance door

o   If you need to speak to us please telephone or email the office

o   All other organisations that we work with are closed or working in a limited capacity

o   Please tell us if anyone in your household is showing symptoms or suffering from the effects of Covid 19. If you are in isolation we will not send staff or tradesmen to your house

o   To post documents for us, our letterbox is at the office back door (car park area) 

o   Our Estate Management visits are reduced. Please try to keep stairs, closes and bin stores as neat, clean and tidy as possible 


 Support Services

o   Patrick Hannon (Welfare Benefits Advisor) and Maureen McGowan (Financial Capability Officer) are working but will communicate by telephone and email from the GEMAP office

o   Geraldine Burgess (Tenancy Support Officer) is working from the Hub on Roystonhill

o   Support Staff will contact residents if they are able to arrange face to face meetings, with appropriate PPE



o   If your income is affected you should contact DWP. You can apply for Universal Credit on line at

o   If your income is affected and you receive Housing Benefit let us know. You can phone us or email

o   If rent arrears are due to the Coronavirus affecting your income we will agree a reasonable plan with you when the situation is back to normal. But speak to us now if you are affected


Glasgow City Council Bulk Uplift & Refuse Collection

o   Bulk Uplift is suspended. Do not put bulk items out until the service is reinstated. Keep items in your home if you can. Or put them neatly at the bin store. Check regularly to make sure they are not causing problems for your neighbours

o   If you have already put bulk items on the pavement please move them back to your house or put them neatly at the bin store

o   Make sure you put refuse directly into the bins. Do not leave anything lying around that will attract rats. Don’t ask small children to take out the refuse if they will struggle to get bins open and closed.

o   It is important that refuse is disposed of carefully and that rats are not offered a food source

o   If you can, you might want to take bulk items direct to the Council Recycling Depot. See details at:


Repairs and Maintenance

o   Non-essential repairs are being carried out. However, they will not be done as quickly as they normally would

o   If a contractor comes to your home he/she must exercise ‘social distancing’ (2 metres) and wear PPE

o   Please make sure that all household members exercise ‘social distancing’ from the contractor


Web Site & Facebook Page

o   See and

o    for regular information updates. You will also find other news on our Facebook page, as well as, general information, humour, etc. Why not 'Like' and 'Follow' our page?

o   We have an App for mobile phones. It is operational for android phones and will be operational for iPhones soon. (If you’re technically minded you can probably get it on your iPhone!)


Royston Coronavirus Response Group

o   The Group was quickly formed in March before 'lockdown' to maintain communications between local housing associations and other community owned organisations in the area and to provide support to vulnerable residents and families

o   Operating out of the Community Hub at the Spire in Roystonhill, over 200 food parcels were being delivered every week and 35 hot meals being delivered each day by local volunteers

o   This operation is winding down as lockdown is gradually lifted. If you have any question please contact us


If you have any questions, please give us a call or email Meantime, thank you for your co-operation at this difficult time.